NanoBionics IV - from Molecules to Applications

800th birthday of St. Elizabeth of Thuringia and Marburg
Marburg (Germany), September 17-21, 2007
with contributions and support from research unit "Synthesis of functional chemical-biological hybrid compounds",
supported by "Initiative Bio- and Nanotechnology"
and under participation of "International PhD-school of Nanobiotechnology"
     St. Elizabeth
Israel U.S.A. United Kingdom Finland Romania Italien Austria Switzerland Germany


The scope of NanoBionics IV is on functional biological and biorelated molecules and materials and their potentials for technical applications. Their function, preparation, modification, and manipulation as well as their interfacing and integration into technical systems are addressed.

Main topics
  • protein-based materials
  • cellular systems
  • bioelectronics
  • self-assembly
  • biohybrid materials
  • DNA-based materials
  • biomineralization
  • molecular recognition
  • self-replication
  • molecular motors

church of st elizabeth
Church of St. Elizabeth
Nanobionics IV will be held at the Philipps-University of Marburg. Marburg is a pituresque old town about 100 km north of Frankfurt and its international airport. Accommodation will be available in and close to Marburg.
The city of Marburg celebrates in 2007 the 800th birthday of St. Elizabeth, countess of Thuringia and Hessia. The church of St. Elizabeth in Marburg was built 1235-1281 by the Teutonic Order over the grave of St. Elizabeth and remains one of the most impressive works of early gothic architecture.

The scientific program - in a workshop style similar to the preceding NanoBionics I, Nanobionics II and Nanobionics III meetings - will be supplemented by daily varying social events which give plenty of opportunities for stimulating discussions.

Further informations
Conference language will be english.

Castle of Marburg

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