Single Molecule and Micropatterned Monofilms in Planar-Technical Arrangements

J. M. Köhler, A. Csaki, J. Reichert, R. Möller, and W. Fritzsche

Institute of Physical High Technology, PO Box 10 02 39, D-07702 Jena, Germany


The physical technologies of microfabrication had extended their application from the micrometer range down to the submicron and the upper nanometer range during the last two decades. Electron beam processes and ion beam technologies made it possible to pattern thin films of different materials into lines and dots with a width of 10 to 30 nm. Molecular nanotechnology can use this methods for the realization of single molecule processing in a well defined geometric environment. Therefore, supermolecular chemistry and molecular handling methods have to be combined with planar technology. Here, we report about three steps toward this merging of technologies: (1) the microfabrication and characterization of lateral micropatterned molecular monofilms of functionalized alkylsiloxanes and alkylthiols as a precondition for the local immobilization of single macromolecules at chips, (2) the immobilization of single macromolecules in a planar-technical environment including physically prepared micro and nano electrodes, and (3) the use of deposited single molecules of a protein supermolecule (microtubule) as mask for the nanopatterning of thin metal films in order to produce nanowires by molecular masking.