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Sunday, 9 July 2000                                                                                                                                 top
13:00 Registration
Monday, 10 July 2000                                                                                                                      top
9:00 Registration

Conference opening
Welcome address of the Heraeus foundation
E. Dreisigacker

  DNA-based Materials and Applications
Chairman: N. Hampp
14:00 Biological Constructs for Preparing Nanostructured Two- and Three-Dimensional Materials
C. Mirkin
14:50 Optically Programming DNA Computing in Microflow Reactors
J. McCaskill
15:40 From Self-Replicating Oligonucleotides to Self-Assembling DNA-Nanostructures
G. von Kiedrowski
16:30 Semisynthetic DNA-Protein Conjugates: Novel Tools in Molecular Nanotechnology
C. Niemeyer
16:55 Single Molecule Force Spectroscopy of DNA Complexed with Drugs
R. Krautbauer
17:30 Transfer to hotels
19:30 Dinner 
Tuesday, 11 July 2000                                                                                                                     top
  Photoactive Proteins
Chairman: F. Hong
9:00 Structure-Function Relationship in Archeal Retinal Proteins
D. Oesterhelt
9:50 Photoactive Yellow Protein: From Photophysics to Materials Properties
K.J. Hellingwerf, W. Crielaard, J. Hendriks, and Th. Gensch
10:40 Design and Modular Synthesis of Protein with Novel Functions
W. Haehnel
11:30 Phytochromes: Light Triggered Molecular Switches
T. Lamparter
12:00 Lunch
  Bacteriorhodopsin and its Applications
Chairman: D. Oesterhelt
13:15 Molecular Devices based on Photoelectric Effects: Principles and Applications
F. Hong
14:05 Optoelectronic Applications of Bacteriorhodopsin and its Mutants as Interfacial Layers of the Solid-Liquid Junction Cell
T. Miyasaka and K. Koyama
14:55 Interferometric System Based on Bacteriorhodopsin
T. Juchem and N. Hampp
15:20 Bacteriorhodopsin-Based Volumetric Optical Memory
J. Stuart and R.R. Birge
16:15 Bus transfer to Landgrave's castle
16:40 Guided tour through Landgrave's castle
  Evening Lectures
18:15 Photosynthetic Bacterial Reaction Centers
H. Michel
19:05 Biomimetic Nanocrystalline Solar Cells
M. Grätzel
20:00 Bus transfer
20:30 Heraeus Dinner
Wednesday, 12 July 2000                                                                                                               top
  Motion and Organization on the Nanoscale
Chairman: R. Tampé
9:00 Rotary ATP Synthase
W. Junge
9:50 Nanoscale Mechanical Recognition Switches: Inspirations from Nature
V. Vogel
10:40 The Biochemistry of Silica Formation in Diatoms
M. Sumper
11:30 Lunch
12:15 Excursion
20:00 Dinner
Thursday, 13 July 2000                                                                                                                   top
  Bacteriorhodopsin and its Applications
Chairman: J. Stuart
8:30 Poster Presentations (á 3 min.)
9:00 Optoelectronic Devices Based on the Nonlinear Optical Properties of Bacteriorhodopsin
A. Dér, L. Fábián, L. Kelemen, L. Oroszi, and P. Ormos
9:50 Nonlinear Optical Properties of Light-Induced Proton Transport in Bacteriorhodopsin for Real-Time Selective Detection of Motion
E. Korchemskaya and N. Burykin
10:15 Proton Gradients Generated by Bacteriorhodopsin in Liposomes for Surface Modification
S. Fiedler
10:40 Bacteriorhodopsin and its Application in Optical Information Storage
F. Chen, X. Hou, B.F. Li, X.C. Li, and L. Jiang
11:05 Crystal Quality Versus Crystal Size: Results of Short Duration Versus Long Duration Crystal Growth of Bacteriorhodopsin in Space Shuttle and MIR Station (DCAM) Experiments
C. Zörb, A. Weisert, K. Brunner, and G. Wagner
11:30 Origin of Differential Response of Bacteriorhodopsin: Derivation from Mathematical Method
B. Yao
12:00 Lunch
  Biomolecular Electronics
Chairman: U. Sleytr
13:15 Biopolymers Based Nanoelectronics
C. Nicolini
14:05 Single Molecule and Micropatterned Monofilms in Planar-Technical Arrangements
J.M. Köhler, A. Csaki, J. Reichert, R. Möller, and W. Fritzsche
14:30 Multifunctional Bioactive Coatings by Molecularly Controlled Adsorption
G. Decher
14:55 Nanoscale Palladium Metallization of DNA
W. Pompe, M. Mertig, J. Richter, R. Seidel, and H.K. Schackert
15:20 Probing Enzyme-Protein Interaction with Force Spectroscopy
M. Hofmann
15:45 Coffee Break
  Motion and Organization on the Nanoscale
Chairman: F. Noll
16:10 S-Layer Proteins as Basic Building Blocks in a Biomolecular Construction Kit
U.B. Sleytr, D. Pum, and M. Sára
17:00 Protein Engineering - Self Assembly - Biochips: Molecular Organization of Proteins in Two Dimensions
R. Tampé
17:25 Directing the Translational Motion of Motor Proteins in Synthetic Environments: Learning How to Build Molecular Shuttles
V. Vogel, J.R. Dennis, and J. Howard
17:50 Solid-Supported Lipid Bilayers for the Incorporation of Transmembrane Proteins
A. Offenhäusser
18:15 Poster Session
19:00 Bus transfer
19:30 Dinner
22:00 Bus transfer to hotels
Friday, 14 July 2000                                                                                                                       top
  Round-Table Discussions
9:00 Bacteriorhodopsin - a Promising Model System for Bioelectronic Devices?
10:30 Nanobiotechnology
11:45 Closing of Conference
12:00 Lunch


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